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Organic Avocado

Key Focus Social Investment Sectors


Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

• Areas of interest include beverage sector, healthcare products, household goods, cleaning products, snacks, among others

• Existing brands in established categories as well as new brands in nonexistent categories where first mover advantage can create long-term value 

Service Based Industries:

• Niche/Online support service providers to growing sectors such as financial services, telecommunication services, mining and oil and gas service companies, real estate service providers and suppliers, agriculture sector

• Education and healthcare services


Manufacturing and Export:

•To industrialize in a sustainable way, the region needs to build manufacturing capabilities to service the internal and the export market

•Manufacturing capacity will need to be built up in both low value-added as well as higher value-added products

Technology Startups and Logistics:

•Technology entities that can scale up without investing a whole lot more capital

•Logistics and last mile services to support the growing size of local trades of essentials and lifestyle spending


In addition to the above sectors, opportunities in other sectors will also be considered on a merit basis. 

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